Dr. Shirley Lipschitz

Dr Shirley Lipschitz

Dr Lipschitz is considered one of South Africa’s most well- regarded and experienced breast-imaging specialists. Practising in the field of mammography since 1997, she has been instrumental in the advancements of mammography in the country.

Dr Lipschitz was one of the first to implement the core biopsy system, which has now completely replaced the old way (fine needle aspiration) of sampling mass lesions. She was one of the first to implement stereotactic vacuum-assisted biopsies and had to overcome immense resistance from medical aids; she was also the first in the country to purchase a 3D tomosynthesis mammography machine.

Dr Lipschitz is constantly upgrading her facilities and keeps up with international standards by attending conferences both locally and abroad.

She has devoted her career to detecting early breast cancer and has helped thousands of women over her decades of experience. Her knowledge and skills are unparalleled, and her passion filters through every part of her practice.